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Switchgear assemblies for padmounted substations were the first products manufactured by Weber South Pacific. These initial items were only for electricity distributors. Today switchgear assemblies and switchboards from 50kVA to 2500kVA are manufactured for electricity distributors, Australian Defence Forces and industrial companies. While many utilities specify form 1 construction due of operational requirements higher forms of construction such as form 4a can be provided for industrial applications. Compliance to AS/NZ 61439.2 – 2016 is always provided unless specifically excluded by a customer.
The high temperatures and small spaces of the LV compartment in a padmounted substation present challenges for Weber’s engineering team. It is because of this that Weber commissioned a new temperature rise testing laboratory to enable confirmation of compliance for new designs.

Manufactured Products

LV Assemblies - Padmount
LV Assemblies - Chamber Substations
Secondary Systems for Zone Substations

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