Fuse Switch Accessories

 To support the effective use of the Vertigroup® range of products a wide range of accessories for field and/or factory fitting is available. The range for the newer Vertigroup E3 series includes:

Item No
Cable connection kits with earth bypass facilities. Suitable for two cables per phase. Includes extended cable cover.
Kits for paralleling two fuse switches including cable covers and earth bypass facilities. Includes double cable connection cover. Single phase switching only.
Cable connection tags to facilitate front connection of two cables per phase
V-TS (set of 3)
Cable connection cover
Cable connection cover for paralleled fuse switches
Extended phase barriers to increase the clearance between phases
EFE-77150.1943 400/5 EFE-77151.2043 500/5 EFE-77150.2143 600/5 EFE-77150.2343 800/5
Busbar covers
V-FC001 1 Space V-FC002 2 Spaces V-FC003 3 Spaces V-FC004 4 Spaces
Label holders (kit of 2)
Adaptor for mounting DIN 00 devices on busbars beside DIN 2 and DIN 3 fuse switches. Includes spare space cover
V00-DR185/1 - 2 units
Handle clips (colour red) for highlighting an isolator in a group of switches. Set of 3.


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