Horizontal Fuse Switches

Horizontal fuse switches provide an alternate mounting and connection method to vertical fuse switches. Weber’s Silas® range has been used successfully in the Australian market for 30+ years and is now complemented by the Efen IN series.

The Silas® range is designed for totally independent mounting for single switch protection applications by virtue of its terminal covers. These features are ideally suited to solar applications or wherever battery protection is required in an internal installation.

Equally, however, Silas® is suitable for multiple feeder mounting on busbars with the busbar connection range from 160A to 630A.

The Efen branded IN series of switches is a more compact design. As such they are not supplied with cable covers. Rather they are suited to use in applications where a protective enclosure is used such as in IP55 applications. Also the dimensional advantage makes the product ideal for network pillar applications.

For upgrading the aging electricity network retrofitting single components is identified as a most economic and practical approach. Complete new switchboards are not always a practical consideration and are considerably more expensive. The Efen NH series with current ratings from 160A to 1600A are ideally suited to replacing large BS fuses that are common in older networks.Besides utilising the more commonly available and economic DIN blade fuse cartridges, the higher level of operator safety of the AC22B fuse switch is an important benefit. This same range can be modified to accommodate the equipotential earthing system used in Victorian and South Australian networks.


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